Thursday, August 22, 2013

Algonquin in August

Here’s few random interesting sightings from Algonquin Park recently.

I rescued this young and still flightless American Black Duck trapped on the wrong side of a fence beside some ponds.

When we let it go, it immediately dove under water and swam for quite some distance before surfacing, something I didn’t know Black Ducks were capable of.

This is the first porcupine I’ve seen in Algonquin – their numbers are likely kept down by Fishers.

This male Spruce Grouse was sitting in the middle of Spruce Bog Trail, allowing incredible views.

Peter and the grouse 

Grasshopper sex – note the extreme dimorphism!

We caught two Lance-tipped Darners in different spots in the same afternoon – clearly there has been a significant influx of this normally absent species.

Summer is awesome.

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