Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Algonquin Weekend

Last weekend I visited Algonquin Park with the University of Guelph Wildlife Club, and we had an excellent time.

On our first hike we came across this track through the woods. I'm fairly certain it's an otter. Otters aren't built for walking through snow so leave a deep furrow.

 A Hoary Redpoll has been visiting the feeders at the visitor centre for a few weeks, and has been recently joined by another. I haven't seen a Hoary in a few years so was glad to get good looks at them. The Hoarys are the two birds on the bottom right with white rumps and a frostier appearance compared to the Common Redpolls.

Gray Jays are always a big draw in Algonquin, and everyone got a chance to feed a pair along Opeongo Road. 

Other highlights for the weekend included a Bald Eagle - possibly the first seen in Algonquin Park this winter, and a Marten. While driving back along highway 400 we had 1 Snowy Owl and 2 Rough-legged Hawks in Holland Marsh - not bad when moving at over 100 km/h!

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