Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Algonquin Mammals (and a Bird and a Fish)

Just some random pictures from Algonquin Park.

Star-nosed Mole is a species I really want to see alive. This is maybe the fourth roadkill I've seen. Unlike our other moles, Star-nosed is quite aquatic, and uses its bizarre, appendaged nose to detect prey.

Martens are one of my favourite mammals. This one ran up a tree and watched me until I left, occasionally making quiet grunting noises.

We came across two baby jumping mice (Woodland Jumping Mice I think) on a trail. Unlike our other mice, jumping mice hibernate over the winter.

On an interior canoe trip, Todd expertly caught a couple of spectacular Brook Trout in just a few minutes.

Not long after, we came across my first Sandhill Cranes for Algonquin Park: a pair with one mostly grown young (only the young and 1 adult are visible here). This species has expanded its breeding range to an amazing degree in recent years, and is now found in appropriate habitat throughout Southern Ontario.

I couldn't make a post about Algonquin mammals without including a moose. This cow was actually seen on a return trip in mid-October, and was a very nice surprise on a cool and mostly birdless morning.

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