Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orchids, Orchids and more Orchids

The orchid obsession continues...

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii) grows in variety of moist habitats including swamps, ditches and fens as well as pond edges like where I found this one. I was not able to catch up with this species last year so it was pretty exciting.

Shining Lady's Tresses (Spiranthes lucida) was growing in the same habitat, and was another new one for me. The Spiranthes species all look pretty similar, but this one is distinctive with the yellow flower centres.

I've been working in some awesome swamp habitat recently with lots of interesting plants, including a few different orchids. I only had my phone for this one, so I'm impressed with how well the photos turned out. This is Platanthera aquilonis. It is often called Tall Northern Green Orchid or some variation on that, but that's way too long and boring so I'm not using that name. 

I had to run back to the car to get the camera for this one. There are hundreds of Showy Lady's Slippers (Cypripedium reginae) growing here, including some pretty large clumps.

Pilar and I spent last weekend up on the Bruce Peninsula, and saw lots of interesting things including 11 species of orchid. This is Platanthera dilatata (White Bog Orchid), a close relative of the P. aquilonis above.

Two pink orchids were abundant in shoreline fens: the smaller and paler Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossides) and the large and showy Grass Pink (Calopogan tuberosus). The first photo shows both species together.

Now is probably the best time to get out to your local mosquito-ridden swamps and bogs to see these wonderful flowers!

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