Ontario Nature Blogs

There are a lot of awesome blogs about nature in Ontario, but finding them is not necessarily easy. I thought I would host a page listing as many as I can, to make them easier to find and even maybe even help create a bit more of a community rather than a bunch of people "talking into the void".

For clarity, here are some rules for inclusion in this list:
  1. There must be posts in the last year or so that are Ontario-centric. This avoids defunct blogs and blogs with only travel photos (nothing wrong with those, but not why I'm making this list).
  2. It must come from a naturalist's perspective. This is hard to describe but I know it when I see it! If your blog chiefly talks about photography, canoeing, art, or your spiritual connection to birds, it won't be included (again, nothing wrong with those things, but not why I'm making this list).
  3. Personal websites only, so I'm not including blogs run by Naturalist Clubs or other organizations.
  4. I'm only including things that are at least somewhat blog-like. There is a lot of great information on personal websites in other forms, and I intend to make a list like this for them at some point, but that isn't what this list is for.
This list is definitely not comprehensive, so please let me know if your blog is missing, or of any corrections. If for some reason you don't want your blog listed here, or you don't want your name attached (I've tried to only include names that are given on the blog), let me know so I can remove it. You can also email me at jaeger33 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here's the list in alphabetical order:

Beginnerbirder (Andrew)

Birds and Words (Julia Zarankin)

Bruce Di Labio's Blog

'Burg Birder (Blake Mann) 

Cerebral Escape (Kory Renaud)

Confessions of a Global Birder (Mark Read)

Jean Iron's Website

Nathan's Nature Adventure Blog (Nathan Miller)

Natural Crooks Ramblings (Bet Crooks)

Nature Nuggets (Allen Woodliffe)

Nerdy for Birdy (Dwayne Murphy)

The Nomadic Naturalist (Mike Burrell)

North Shore Nature (Michael Butler)

Northernshrike (Jay B)

Ontario Birds and Herps (Josh Vandermeulen)

Ontario Birds and Wildlife (Jonathon Wilhelm)

Ontario Field Biology (Patrick)

The Pathless Wood (Gillian Mastromatteo)

PeregrinePrints (Brandon Holden)

Ragin' Cagin' Birding (Ken Burrell)

Ramblings of a Wildflower (Tianna Burke)

Rondeau Ric (Ric Mcarthur)

Tales of the Nishiki

Winged Things (Reuven Martin, you're already here!)

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  1. Hey Reuven, thanks for putting this list together. A few of these are new to me and I'll enjoy having more to read!

    Pat Deacon